Who We Are

Hi world,

Nice to meet you! We're Devin & Derek: just two guys who care deeply about the things we do.
Devin wants to energize his fellow Go organizers and players;
Derek is doing the technical work to make it happen.

A Letter From Devin

My name is Devin Fraze. I run a local Go Club in Columbus Ohio that meets three times a week. I founded the Ohio Go Association, a roundtable of organizers in my region, to support and learn from others near me. And still hungry for more ways to serve, I ran for and was elected to the board of the American Go Association.

I'm also passionate about teaching this amazing game. For the past 5 years, I've volunteered as the co-Youth Director at the US Go Congress and I teach or have taught Weiqi at 5 schools in my city. I also make Baduk content for organizers via a blog, youtube channel, and soon a podcast.

As a (near) full-time Baduk organizer, I dream of a world where gathering around a goban is the favorite weekly activity of millions. Towards this end, I wish to support other organizers in doing whatever is best for their communities. Join me as I energize go clubs, produce free baduk media, and map the weiqi world!

Some words about Derek (from Devin)

Derek doesn't actually play Baduk. I got him to try it once, but it didn't stick. So why would I want to work with him? Because, I can't think of a more ethical, hard working, and talented person. Derek really likes to help people (and I don't just mean close friends). After many conversations with Derek, I helped him see a path toward making a truly meaningful difference in the Baduk community. And so that's why he's here.

Previously, he worked as an employee of a big tech company but stepped away once he'd paid off his debt. He now spends his life empowering others and has become hyper concerned with things like personal data privacy and, perhaps more importantly, how tech effects our every day life.

To give an example: Not long ago I was overly excited about a feature for BadukClub and told him “people will love this so much they'll get addicted!” Derek threatened to abandon that feature. To be clear, I don't actually want BadukClub to become addicting, I was just a bit too loose with my words. But Derek speaks with precision and cares deeply about our users.

So you can rest easy my dear Baduk friends. I'm going to work tirelessly with you to build a better Go world. And Derek is going to be here with us, day after day, doing the hard things necessary to make the dream come true and to keep us safe while we venture into a brighter future.

For the curious

If you're wondering how we afford to do all this, the answer is a lot of cheap eggs, rice, and beans. Derek lives with his folks and Devin rents out all the rooms in his house. We both work full-time on this project because we sincerely believe in the positive impact our efforts can have for Go players everywhere.

We promise never to sell your personal data or fill your screen with ads. So if you also believe in our work, please consider supporting us in any small way you can. And if you have nothing to spare, that's okay; we're still here for you too. Thank you.

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